Full Management

$375.00 / month with a 10-day initial setup period




For a truly hands-off social media experience, add this monthly service to have Social Identity Marketing monitor and respond to what others are saying about your company on any platform you have added to your account. As our Standard and Pro Packages help you generate more traffic on your social media pages you will also generate more comments, messages, and reviews that should be addressed in a timely and professional manner to deepen relationships and maintain your online reputation. This can be a very time-consuming task and can be difficult to keep up with when also needing to attend to all the other needs of your business. Let Social Identity Marketing monitor your profiles for you and give you the peace of mind that your online presence is being professionally maintained.

This package includes up to 500 comments, responses, messages, follows, retweets, likes, and similar monitoring actions per month. Should you get more traffic that needs attention, we will let you know and can look into adding additional coverage or come up with a strategy to prioritize responses to suit your business.


Actions in this package include:

  • Responding to comments left on your page including damage control (diffusing/removing abusive/negative comments)
  • Responding to Direct/Private Messages and forwarding to you the ones that require your attention (such as requests for a quote for new business, etc.)
  • Monitoring your profiles for mentions of your company and responding as needed
  • Responding to re-tweets as needed
  • Re-tweeting
  • Re-pinning
  • Following other profiles
  • Liking comments, posts, etc..
  • Any other actions that we feel will help grow your social media.