Standard Package

$299.00 / month with a 10-day initial setup period and a $150.00 sign-up fee




This is our most popular package and is a great way to have meaningful and consistent activity on your Facebook that will help you gain new followers and attract new customers. This package offers posting to Facebook 5 times a week. The posts are custom curated which means they will have hashtags that relate well to your business and will usually feature an article that has been read and researched by your social media manager to ensure that its content connects with your business. The post will usually feature a question or a comment in the body of the post to help further engage the reading audience. You can also substitute one of our posts for one you have created, which works very well if you are having a sale, launching a new product, or have something else to advertise. Please be sure to give us at least a 1-week notice so that we can incorporate it into your social activity stream at a time where it is most likely to get attention and is not overshadowed by other posts.

With this package you will also receive the following benefits:

Graphic or video posted to your Facebook page on select holidays– We will create a graphic for select holidays throughout the year and post these to your profile. This will draw more attention to your profile and engage your followers. You will be able to choose which holidays you wish to have the graphic or video posted.

Monthly Analytics Report– We will email an analytics report to you once a month that will show how many new followers you have gained, how much your user interaction has increased, and other statistics that are helpful in determining how your Facebook page is performing.

Account Monitoring– We will check your account on a regular basis to make sure it is running properly and also make sure your account is free from spam, foul language, and anything else that could tarnish the reputation of your page or business.